Our team loves something sweet after a meal, so we invite you to taste our traditional country style desserts….Try a slice of one our delicious tarts which we have become famous for in Hout Bay or our Malva pudding with our own home made custard (when last did you have that?) All made with the freshest ingredients and no colourants or preservatives.

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Homemade Fresh Custard

Made with fresh cream just like Gran used to make. Tastes & textures that take you back…there's no better accompaniment to your favourite dessert.

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Malva Pudding

Baked sponge with butterscotch sauce that saturates the sponge due to the hundreds of holes we make in order to evenly distribute the rich flavours. Serve warm with ice cream and our home made custard…yes both!

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Croissant Bread and Butter Pudding

Sliced, layered authentic croissants, warm custard filling in every layer, nook & cranny…. we add one of our coulis, depending which one is available it will either be blueberry or raspberry…. and then baked!

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Mascarpone, traditional Italian finger biscuits soaked in coffee and liqueur layered up, finished off with grated dark chocolate….its stood the test of time for a reason!

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Chocolate Mousse

A real favourite amongst our guests. Rich, dark chocolate melted with cream and then set. Don't bother to dish up. Just hand everyone a spoon and leave the dish in the middle of the table…sheer indulgence!

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Chocolate Tart

Chocolate mousse, layered with a dark chocolate Genache…rich and velvety. Perfect to end a meal with La Cuccina’s dark roasted coffee blend!

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Pear & Almond Tart

We’re famous for this tart. Ground almonds, poached pears, butter and sugar, in a delicious pastry base, serve warm with cream or ice cream…rich and fabulous!

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Granadilla Tart

We add granadilla pulp and a melted, silky layer of apricot jam to our tart custard for a traditional South African tart… It’s a treat

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